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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  April 15, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> we will fix that later. to send you home with something to remember us by, i have been asked to give you this special gift that is a new hamhire made maple syrup proudly produced by the thompson family and the message that comes with it is it is in the honor of the great former governor of
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is is where we got to make real savings. and if they believe we won't do it, i think we shouldn't do it but i don't s we can't do it because if they're not willing to make the right concessions,
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then the bloodill be on their hands. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming. >> i moved up here in 1992. we retired out of dc. i worked with ronald reagan in 1985, 86. and bush sr., yeah, yeah. thanks for coming. >> great fun. >> good, good. and i love mississippi. i used to date a guy in mississippi. >> we're allretty cool. >> i know it. i know it. >> you have a different hat for
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every single day of the year. >> i have 700 hats this was my great grandmother's. >> it has a little pizaz. >> i'm known as the hat lady. they never interview me but they pan the hat. >> i can't get in the frame at all. >> thank you for being a part of this. >> thank you for coming. >> i hope it was food for thought. >> it is. very good. >> we will. we will. >> if we don't, i think we're cooked. >> going to come back often. >> thank you very much. >> if you -- have been trying to for ten years i have been a state rep to get the civil services healthier. >> that would be mad at you.
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>> you know what i'm going to suggt? maybe in front of the u.s. flag here? >> yes.
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>> i'll be the center piece. funny.
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>> we're going to go the airport. got time to stop along the way? we'll get in a little visit away from tv cameras and microphones? >> sure. we got time. >> okay.
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>> thanks so much. >> i don't knohow you it, a guy who is conservative in the limelight for so long. reminds me of john mccain. to be real cservatives and you stand up for your views. really appreciate it. >> there are some people who do like me. >> you can tell because they ask you serious questions. >> thank you.
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>> how are you? >> i'm good. >> you look like a million bucks. >> so do u. you've lost some weight. you look ten years younger. >> i have to lose about 20 more. >> i'm trying myself. i get on the treadmill an hour every day. >> wow. >> just trying. trying to eat healthy. >> it's hard. >> how are the grandkids? >> half of them are coming home for easter. >> oh, good. >> going to take his wife and kids out at virginia, they have a big easter egg deal out there.
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>> we're going through the same thing. our kids havell kinds of things to do. so we have to realize we have to start doing things together, you know, because my little grandkids are? spor in sports. >> they're older, right? >> 21 down to three. . >> we have five on one. oldest will be six. so we have a lot more flexibility. >> -- coaching my grandson, staying at disney world. the 11-year-old.
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>> you get with him, they're follow. >> okay, got it. >> great to see you. thank you for coming. >> that's why i stood away. >> a little graph tags over this sway. >> would you like a water? >> that you think.
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all that chocolate i know is great. i have to get a little something. >> somebody has to eat it. >> take it home. >> put it in your pocket. >> governor, nice to have you here. >> started years ago with ross. he's theguy rit here.
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>> i was in california, my cousin -- when they were doing the nafta stuff, ibm was trying to get that contract -- the other reason they didn't get it
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because in that contract down in mexico, there was a whole area set up, all the drug points. >> really. >> and i know that from whene used to chase them down. i got ann order from ronald reagan to take pictures all up and down the border. i called some guys up, they were sitting there on the tarmac, i said do you want to be it one of these? mexicos has its problems and it's infringing on our border. and you're right. pull out the national guard. has infringing on our border. and you're right. pull out the national guard. military is the fourthleg. >> can be done, got to be done.
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>> that was what we were originally set up for. a face doesn't need to be an imperialist nation. we can't be the police. we can't afford it. >> and you got to get going. >> good to see you, governor. thank you very much. >> great to see you. >> in a few moments, president obama had a democratic national committee event in chicago last night. "washington journal" is live at 7:00 with members of congress talking about the federal deficit and spending and houses back in session at 9:00 to complete the budget for the next
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fiscal year. a couple of live events to tell you about today and our companion network, cspan 2. first, a joint subcommittee hearing of the house natural resources committee hears from customs and border patrol agents and the interior department about the conflict between environmental laws and border security. that is at 9:30 a.m. eastern. at two o'clock 40 p.m. eastern, the brookings institution and the national endowment for democracy host a discussion of emerging -- of emerging democracies. we'll hear from a senior director of the national security council office of human rights. >> to be a parent means the people you are training the people you can't live without to live without to. >>you. >> andrew ferguson was not
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prepared. >> nothing like that had happened to me when i was going -- and i was thinking about college in the medical-1970's. it was started to dawn on me that this is a very different process from what it was. >> find out of his dead catches up, sunday night on c-span q &a. you can also download a podcast. >> on april 12, 1861, confederate forces attacked fort sumter in south carolina igniting the civil war. the nation commemorate the 150th anniversary of the bombardment and this weekend, american history tv on c-span 3 brings you the sights and sounds from fort sumter and charleston with a special look at wartime fights in the 1860's and interviews with civil war scholars and reactors from the north and south. get the schedule at c-
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>> president obama was in chicago last night for a democratic party fund-raiser. due to technical problems, our coverage of the event that the navy pier begins as he was honoring the current and former mayors of chicago. this is about half an hour. >> we owe him a huge debt of gratitude for taking a world- class city and we are grateful for richard daley. [applause]
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rahm emanuel is a guy who stepped down to one of the toughest jobs in washington, if not the toughest job, and stood by my side every step of the way and i have seen how he performs under pressure. i have seen the kind of commitment he has to the american people . guys made a good choice. he will be a great mayor. i am proud to call rahm emanuel my friend. [applause] i look around the room and i see friends everywhere. , people i have been yelling for a long, long time. it is good to be home. [applause] it is good to be home. this is the city where i fell in
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love. [applause] this is the city where i got my start in politics 25 years ago, working with churches and the south side to bring jobs to the jobless and hope to the hopeless. this is where i stood with so many of you in grant park almost 2.5 years ago when we show the world that all things are possible in the united states of america. [applause] some of you may have heard that this is where we will be basing our headquarters for the 2012 campaign, right here back home in chicago. [applause] this is the first time in modern history that a sitting president has based the reelection campaign outside of washington. [applause]
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i decided i don't want our campaign to be just between the pundits and a power broker it. i want our campaign to be here because you guys are the ones who got me started. [applause] i see people in this audience who supported me when no one could pronounced my name. [applause] i see folks who supported me when i ran for congress and got a beat down. you health nurse me back to health. one of the things i have seen again and again over the last couple of years is the conversation in washington is very different from the conversation around kitchen
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tables and office coolers. i want to make sure that our campaign was rooted in your hopes and routed in your dreams. i want to make sure that we are putting the campaign in your hands, in the same hands, the same organizers, the same volunteers who approve of the last time that together ordinary folks can do extraordinary things. that is what this campaign is about. [applause] now, we are all a bit older. [laughter] some of us are a little bit greater. rayer. all of us can remember that night in grant park, the
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excitement in the streets, the sense of hope, the sense of possibility and yet, even as we celebrate, you remember what i said back then. i said our work was not ending. our work was just beginning. while it was clear that i would have a full plate going into election day, i would be lying if i said i knew how full the plate would be. it has been more fuller than we imagined. we took office in the middle of the worst recession in our lifetimes. it is one that left millions of americans without jobs, had folks losing their homes, a recession so bad that many families are still grappling with the after shocks even
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though the economy is growing again. the economy is growing again. we are creating jobs again. [applause] over the last four months, we have seen the largest drop in unemployment since 1984. [applause] over the last 30 months, we have added nearly 2 million private sector jobs. that did not happen by accident. it happened because we made some tough choices like saving the american auto industry. they said it could not be done. some folks were going to write it off but it was the right thing to do and now gm is firing back every single worker they laid off and everyone of the big three american automakers are making a profit once again. that is because the tough choices we made, because of the work you did getting me into office. [applause] make no mistake, because of you,
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we have been able to make rope progress over the last two years. because of you, we made -- we prevented another great depression. because of you, we are making the most meaningful education reforms in a generation through a competition called race to the top, raising standards in schools across america. because of you, we overcame the status quo and reformed wall street. , making sure we have some of the toughest consumer protection so you won't get cheated when you apply for a mortgage or when you take out a credit card. [applause] because of you, we did what we have been trying to do for almost a century and we made sure that everybody in this society of ours, if you get sick, you don't have to go bankrupt. [applause] if you get sick, you don't have to mortgage your house.
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if your child has a pre-existing condition, they will still be cared for because we passed health care reform that provided coverage to 30 million americans. [applause] because of you, we were able to rain and the worst abuses in the health-care industry. because of you, not here in the united states of america are we going to have people who are on the streets because they get sick. along the way, we did a few other things. we signed into law the lily ledbetter bill that women need to get paid the same as men for the same kind of work. [applause]
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we finally overturned the a justice -- the injustice of don't ask, don't tell and said the robotic and serve their country. they don't have to lie to serve the country they love. [applause] we put two women on the supreme court including the first latino justice. [applause] we brought back 100,000 troops from iraq and ended our combat mission there. because we knew [applause] we knew it was time. along the way, we had to deal with tyrants [laughter] who thought we were going to have to deal with pirates? [laughter] that was not in my campaign platform. [laughter]
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pandemic, earthquakes -- now, oil spills? don't forget oil spills. goll-ee. part of the hopefulness and anticipation we all felt that night in grant park was also about what we could do to secure and restore america's standing in the world. that is why we strengthen our alliances. we signed an historic arms control agreement, secured lose nuclear materials, that is why we are on the right side of history now throughout the middle east because we believe in preventing in a sense from getting slaughtered and we believe in human rights for all people. [applause] that is why we have taken the
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fight to al-qaeda. that is why we are still working in iraq to make sure that transition to a peaceful democracy. that is why we are taking care of the veterans when they come home because that is a sacred obligation that we have. [applause] here is the point, chicago -- we have faced an extraordinary array of challenges at home and around the world. we would not have made any of this progress if it had not been for you. i was talking to a group earlier and i said that i grew up here in chicago. i was not born here. [laughter] i just want to be clear. i was born in hawaii. [applause]
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i became an man here in chicago. [applause] and a lot of the people who are here today, the values, the ideals, my beliefs, my core convictions about what makes america great were forged here. because it is here in this peoplebly diversite city, from every background from the inner city or for neighborhoods that somehow come together, immigrants from around the world -- it is here that i was reminded about why america is so great. it is not the size of our
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skyscrapers. it is not the size of our gdp. it is the fact that we are able to keep two ideas together at the same time. one, that we are all individuals and out with certain inalienable rights and liberties and we are self- reliant and of entrepreneurs and we don't want folks telling us what to do. that is part of being an individual. that is important to us but we also have this idea that we are all in this together. , that we look out for one another, that i am my brother's keeper and my sister's keeper. that i want to make sure that child in the south side or the west side or out in maywood or dalton has the same opportunities that i have had. [applause]
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and that i am looking after them not out of charity but because my life is richer and better. when the people around me are happy and the people around me have a shot at the american dream. those values that all of you helped to form in me, i carry those with me to the white house. i wake up every day with them and i go to bed every night with them. i am thinking about you. when i read those letters every night from constituents all across the country and they talk about what it is like to send out 16 resin is and not get an answer back and the desperation and the parents thinking they may not be able to take care their kids or a child credit letter -- or a child writing a letter that their parents may have to move and mr. president,
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there is something you can do. when i think about those things. , i am also thinking back home. i am thinking about what you have taught me. that campaign in 2008 was not my campaign, it was your campaign. it was about your best instincts, your best impulses, your vision for america that is more fair and more just a more equal and has opportunities for everybody. [applause] regardless of color, regardless of race, regardless of creed, regardless of religion, regardless of sexual orientation. [applause] if you had not knocked on all those doors or called up all your friends back in 2008, i would not be here. you know what? we did not come here tonight to go down memory lane.
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we did not come here tonight just to pat ourselves on the back. we came here tonight because we know that for all the progress we have made, we still have business to do. we are not finished. the only way we are going to finish is the way we began this journey and that is to gather. we will have to keep on working. [applause] together, we have to make sure that any american is looking for work that pays the bill gets a job. we have to mature the hard- working families that are doing everything right aren't falling behind the getting ahead. we've got to reclaim the american dream for all americans. that is the change we still believe in. that is what i think about every single day. that is our north star. that is our destination and we are not there yet. with your help, we can keep america on track. with your help, we will attract
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new jobs and new businesses to our shores. we will make sure that america is not just competing but we are competing to win this economy agree with your help, we will make sure all our kids are ready for college, all our kids are ready for careers because a world-class education is the single most important factor in whether america succeeds in the 21st century. [applause] with your help, we can rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, not just our roads and bridges but our high-speed rail lines and communications networks. with your help, we can continue to invest in cutting edge medical research right through technology and finally have energy policy that makes sure that our entire economy is not subject to $4 or $5 a gallon gas and reduce our dependence on foreign oil and clean up the
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planet in the process so we can bequeath to our children and grandchildren the kind of planet that we inherited. [applause] with your help, we can out educate, out innovate, and out compete the rest of the world. [applause] we can only do all of this, by the way, if we get our fiscal issues under control. i gave a speech about this yesterday. [applause] when i was running for president, i talked about a new era of responsibility in this country. part a that means restoring some common sense about our federal finances, restoring fiscal discipline in washington, living within our means. last week, we were able to prevent the government shut down. the reason we were able to do it is because we agreed to spending
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cuts but we insisted on protecting investments in things like education and medical research. [applause] thewe've got to reign in long-term deficit and deal with the long-term debt. it threatens our financial stability. we will not be able to do all those good things if we don't get our fiscal house in order. but if we don't deal with these issues, all the issues we care about, we will not be able to sell, educating our kids, caring for our sick, looking after our seniors and pork -- all that will be threatened. yesterday i tried to lay out a vision for how we tackle this problem. we need to build on the compromise as we made last week but we cannot compromise on our investment to grow and the investments we need to create jobs. we've got to reform debt spending, we've got to reform
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health care spending, but we will not sacrifice our fundamental commitment that we make to one another through medicare and medicaid and social security, the safety net for our people [applause] we need to bring some balance to our tax code. [applause] back in december, i agreed to extend the tax cuts for the wealthiest americans as much as i dislike it because it was the only way to prevent a tax hike in the middle class. we can't afford $1 trillion of tax cuts for folks like me. not now. , not when someone other americans are struggling, not when our deficits are so high. i think americans like michelle and me, we have been blessed. this country has given so much to us. we can afford to do a little bit more to make sure that every
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child in this country has an opportunity and every senior is looked after. i think that is something we can do. that is our vision for america. we have a vision of a compassionate america and a caring america and an ambitious america, not a small america. [applause] this is a vision of where we are living within our means but still investing in our future were everyone makes sacrifices and no one there's all the burden, where we live up to the idea that no matter who we are what we look like, no matter whether our ancestors landed on ellis island or came here on slave ships or cross the rio grande, we are connected to one another, that i am my brother and my sister's keeper. in this country, we rise and fall together. [applause] that is the idea at the heart of america. that is why we will keep on fighting for immigration reform
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because we cannot have a nation that forgets its immigrant roots. we can have a mission that is a nation of laws that a nation of immigrants. this idea of bringing everyone together and making sure that everybody is contributing and responsible but everybody also looks out for one another, that is the idea at the heart of our last campaign. that is the idea at the heart of this campaign. that is the idea at the heart of america. this is not my campaign. this is your campaign. [applause] i've got to tell you -- there will come a time when i will fully engaged in this race.
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when the time comes, i will be campaigning. [laughter] i will be ready to go. i've got to tell you right now -- i still have his day job. [laughter] [applause] that is why i will need your help more now than ever. this campaign is still in its early stages but now is the time when you can help shape it to make sure it gets out of the gate, strong. andgrayer and i may littledinged up. i know there are times when some of you have felt frustrated because we have had to compromise with republicans on some issues.
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there have been times when people are frustrated because we did not get everything done the first two years. there have been times where i have felt the same way you do. you know what? we knew this would not be easy. we knew that on a journey like this, there will be setbacks and detours. there'll be times where you stumble. we also knew something else -- we knew that at each and every juncture in our history, when our future was on the line, when we were at a crossroads like we are now, the country came together. we were able to make the changes that we needed. that is what earlier generations did, lexington, concord, selma, stonewall. that is what so many of you did in corn fields in iowa in polling place. s. that is what i need each and
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everyone of you to remember and to one more time, not for me but for us, for the future we hold in common, for the better days that lie ahead. [applause] whenever you hear people say that our problems are too big to self or we cannot bring about the changes that we see, i want you to think about all the progress we have already made. i want you to think about all the unfinished business that lies ahead. i wanted to be excited about the future that lies before us and i want to remind you and i want you to remind everybody else of the simple words that some of what we believe as a people. yes, we can. [applause] thank you. ♪
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go, bulls! [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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only in america where we dream in red, white, and blue. only in america, where we dream as big as we want to. we'll get a chance, everybody gets to dance. only in america ♪ only in america only in america where we dream in red, white, and blue ♪ we dream as big as we want to.
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america ♪ ♪ your loved is lifting a higher than i've ever been lifted before keep it up quench my desire i will be at your side forever more you know your love keeps on lifting a higher and higher
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i said your love keep on lifting me higher and higher ♪ once i was downhearted disappointed -- disappointment was my closest friend. then you came and he departed and he never showed his face again keeps ony your love lifting me higher and higher and higher i said your love keep on lifting me higher and higher all right ♪
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i'm so glad i finally found you ♪ in a million girls. i wish my loving all around me i can stand up and praise the world your love keeps on lifting me mhigher higher and higher. your love keep on lifting me higher and higher >> ladies and gentlemen >> this year's studentcam competition best students to
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consider washington, d.c. through their lens. ♪ ♪ >> and god said, let there be light and there was light. >> led light bulbs are changing the way we light the world. you will see how the federal
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government impacts would stimulus money aligning local and state governments to save from energy incandescent bulbs. >> can you name several different kinds of light bulbs presently on the market? >> you have incandescent, fluorescent, you have compact fluorescent, you have led's. >> halogens, fluorescent bulbs, led's, that is what i know. >> i will ask you if you know any of the light bulbs in here. it's ok if you don't know. incandescent light bulbs? do you know what is like all this?
6:53 am
-- do you know what this light bulb is? halogen light bulbs? finally, this light bulb is an led. these light bulbs we just talked about are on these cards. try to match them up with those on the board. [jeopardy music] [jeopardy music]
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>> as you can say, two people out of 20 correctly identified led's. >> most americans still in use the same incandescent light bulbs invented by thomas edison more than 120 years ago. these bulbs are famously inefficient. only 10% of the energy that they generate becomes a light. the remaining 90% is wasted as heat. that sounds like congress. >> i am going to test the heat output of each of these levels by using this infrared thermometers. i can find out the heat output in degrees celsius. you're hot you're hot when you're not you're not.
6:55 am
radiate far less heat than the other type of bulbs. i will place its two ice-cream cones under two bulbs that are similar in light of what are the green one will be under and led light and a red one will be under a standard incandescent floodlight. i will set the timer for 10 minutes. let's try it and see what happens. ♪ >> which i scream, would you like to eatt? [mission impossible music]
6:56 am
>> it starts with the core technology of the light emitting diodes. it was invented by hewlett packard 4 calculated display screens many years ago. through the evolution of technology, white led's or invented which we use today which are very he efficient way to create light. i think there is a few big advantages which is why we are selling them. first of all, they save a lot of energy and are buried in efficient. they contained no mercury so when you look at hazardous materials, the other white light sources contain hazardous materials. the other big vantage of them
6:57 am
and because they are so small a point source, you can get very he fission optical controls so if the light goes where you want instead of a blob of light, the biggest disadvantage is the price. it is more expensive for the first cost than traditional lighting but over the long run, it makes sense. i think a couple of things relative to the federal government right now, first of all, there is research and development in tax credits that are available for our business to be able to invest in money -- invest money into developing led technology for fixtures. on the consumption side, we are active with the department of energy. they have an entire solid state lighting section that is working on promoting that lighting. they have started a municipal street led consortium where they go out and promote solid state
6:58 am
street lighting to different cities around the country in order to try to achieve that. lastly, part of the stimulus funds that are available today for the department of energy are available to cities for energy efficiency of grades and several cities are taking advantage of that block grant money, a stimulus money, to upgrade to led streetlights. >> i propose to replace today's in an efficient lights with a combination of products that will provide choices. it will be a combination of fluorescent lights andther lights along the way. >> i believe the led market will completely dominate and takeover all white sources for residential and commercial applications. >> go to to watch
6:59 am
all the winning videos. >> a couple of live events to tell you about today on our companion network, cspan 2. first, a joint subcommittee hearing of the house natural resources committee hears from customs and border patrol agents and the interior department about the conflict between environmental laws and border security. that is at 9:30 a.m. eastern. at 12:40 p.m. eastern, the brookings institution and the national endowment for democracy host a discussion of emergency -- emerging democracies. we'll talk a senior director of the director of human rights. in a few moments, your headlines and calls live on "washington journal." journal."


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